Macbook not syncing to Android

Hi, new to Syncthing. I am synching my Macbook Pro music folder with my Android phone. Initial setup is swift and great. Everything is sync’ed.

However, new music file added to my Mac folder and renaming existing file in Mac folder do not get sync to Android phone. However, changes in Android phone folder get sync back to Mac folder almost right away.

I have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible that my configuration is wrong (I am totally new so I just used default setting when setting up the Mac’s folder for sync’ing) in such a way that the folder only sync one way from Global (android) to Local (mac)?

  2. Is there a way to trigger / force a syncing process? It is not clear if the terms “Rescan” mean “Rescan and Syncing” but there seems no other related button to press. Anyway, I tried to press “Rescan” from my Mac side there seems no syncing action at all!

  3. Perhaps this is a known bug for the Mac OS version?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Check the folder type used on Android, its most likely set to send only.

Bare in mind, syncthing can’t make modifications on the sd card on android due to the filesystem limitations.

Thanks. Indeed it is set to send only. But the app also says my current Android version only allows send only option. How disappointing. :disappointed_relieved: It basically defeats the number 1 reasons why I tried Syncthing.

I am on Android 8. Wonder if there is any other version available that allows me to send and receive.

Just realised that the restriction is on SD Card on Android only. Fortunately I just want to remote manage my limited music collection. I can use the phone’s internal memory to achieve my purpose.


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