Mac OS Catalina & SyncThing

I just upgraded to Mac OS Catalina and for reasons apparently only known to Apple, they provided no explanation, the process removed my SyncThing directories to a alias folder on my Desktop entitled “Relocated Items.” There is a small and somewhat useless note in the folder that says the reason for the move and why I can’t move them back is security.

Of course, after working perfectly for the last six months, SyncThing is now broken.

It also moved my Media Folder. I notice that the Disk Utility is now showing the name of the SSD drive twice, one with “-Data” appended at the end.

Not quite sure what to do.

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Me neither. The things moved to relocated items are things that were modifications to the system that conflict with the new filesystem layout. Everything in your home directory should be fine and untouched.

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I found a few things that might help you better understand Apple’s Catalina version of AFPS but for me they are not enough to form a working productivity policy. In other words, where to put the things we work on.

Why you might see a new “Data” disk in Catalina | Macworld.webloc (144 Bytes)

Working with APFS Volume Groups | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software.webloc (107 Bytes)

The video may be best…Lesson 10- macOS File Storage Structure - Jamf 100 Course | Jamf.webloc (158 Bytes)

The shortcoming of these articles is that they explain what the system is but not really how to use it in an everyday process.

Apple is the worst as they think the organization of work should be done in their juvenile notion of using their defaults folders of Documents, Media, etc that are in the user folders. Meh.

I have some questions in the Apple forums, if I find anything there or elsewhere, I’ll bring it back here.

One consideration, creating volumes but I do not know enough about them yet.

Too bad there are not more people using SyncThing and Catalina.

I run Syncthing on Catalina and do all development there. I just haven’t run into whatever problem you’re seeing. Keep your things in your home dir and you should be fine.

Where were your Syncthing directories before the upgrade?

I run Syncthing on plenty of Catalina systems and haven’t seen the issue you’re describing - but all my Syncthing-related items are either in my home folder or on external drives.

The only issue I encountered was having my folders & files moved when I upgraded to Catalina / APFS. I upgraded from Mojave which required AFPS but did not enforce it. In Catalina you cannot have any user folders or files in the System / Applications directory.

But this may have tureen out to be a blessing in disguise.

I have never been a fan of the Home/User folder that Apple promotes, my projects are too large, complex and involve far too many format types to use their default system.

APFS and Catalina introduced the concept of Volume containers. They live at the same hierarchy of the system folder but are completely isolated and secure. So I created a Volume entitled SyncThing and put all of my syncing directories in that container.

This was also the first time that I sued the technique of opening the config.xml file and edited the file paths. This technique requires you to shutdown SyncThing.

But after I had finished editing the file paths and restarted SyncThing, the subsequent scanning and update was almost instantaneous.

SyncThing is a marvel.

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