Mac 10.11.6 and MacBook Pro M1 13.3

My MacPro (Early 2009 believe it or not) is stuck using Mac OS 10.11.6 and running Syncthing 1.12.1. I somehow discovered that this version of Syncthing does not phone home to update and have not upgraded.

My MacBook Pro M1 is running Ventura 13.3 and using Syncthing 1.22.2. I have gotten notices over many months to upgrade to newer versions but have not.

Should I get the newest version (1.23.3) just for the M1 Pro? Will it continue to communicate and play nice with the ancient MacPro as I continue to pore over and migrate files and subdirectories (from tens of thousands acquired over nearly 15 years) to the newer Mac?

I don’t know how I managed to get them syncing over my home Ethernet network (I can’t even do Morse Code.) but kudos to all who are responsible for it. Thanks also to Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte of Security Now who let listeners, like this retired consultant, know about it a year or two ago.

If 1.22 works with the old version then 1.23 latest should as well.

Does anyone know if 1.23.2 now work with OSX 10.11.6? The earlier versions failed with El Capitan because of its inability to update but if 1.23.2 is now able to work with M1 Pro and El Cap I can make both the same. Otherwise I will just update the M1 and once I get salient files onto the new Macbook will not worry about the 2009 MacPro synching.

I don’t know what you mean about the inability to upgrade, but it’s unlikely that any recent release of Syncthing runs on 10.11. The minimum OS requirement for Go has been higher than that for a few years. This will not change in future releases, other than in the other direction: newer Syncthing releases use newer Go releases which require newer OS releases.

Many thanks. I will leave things as they are. Appreciate both comments and using Syncthing. RL

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