LXLE (a respin of Lubuntu) now has Syncthing included by default

“LXLE is based on Lubuntu which is an Ubuntu OS using the LXDE desktop environment. It is designed to be a drop-in and go OS, primarily for aging computers. Its intention is to be able to install it on any computer and be relatively done after install. At times removing unwanted programs or features is easier than configuring for a day. Our distro follows the same LTS schedule as Ubuntu. In short, LXLE is an eclectic respin of Lubuntu with its own user support.”

It bundles a ton of awesome apps, including Syncthing GTK: http://lxle.net/articles/?post=lxle-14041-12045-released

So it’s perhaps the first distro or respin that includes Syncthing by default. (In arkOS, it’s the recommended file sync application, but not bundled by default)

Congrats to LXLE! (and Lubuntu!) Congrats to Syncthing!

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This is fantastic news!

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