Lubuntu and Wind10 showing Disconnected on same LAN

Just installed SyncThing on my Windows 10 and Lubuntu linux (Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS), neither can “see” the other - both showing disconnected (I’ve setup one folder to sync ). They never shows conneted state.

Both devices are on the same LAN - verified both show in router.

i could ping Windows10 from Lubuntu. and cold ping Lubuntu from Windows 10.

Lubuntu is runing (guest) in virtualbox running inside Windows 10 (host).

If there’s some documentation that explains this and I just missed it, please point me in the right direction.


The virtual box probably runs behind a NAT of the host, and I suspect multicasts don’t work on virtual box networking.

Best I can suggest is changing the network configuration on virtualbox or preconfiguring device IPs.

No i dont think its NAT. its networkbridge 2018-08-17%2020_29_49-Lubuntu%20%20-%20Einstellungen

Discovery today. Since Syncthing was now no longer recognized between two PCs, I have a FritzBox back-up from the days before i played back (RITZ!Box Sicherungsdatei FRITZ.Box 7412 (UI) 137.06.83_13.08.18_1132.export). Unfortunately, I have not made a backup before playing back. Unfortunately I can not compare.

After that Syncthing could work again between the two Windows PCs in the LAN.

Also (as I just discovered) Syncthing recognizes first shared folders of the host, then little later host shared folder also of the guest. works !

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