Lubuntu 14.04 disconnected when on local network

I am trying to connect some Windows laptops to one running Lubuntu 14.04. Everything works fine outside of the local network, but I can’t connect when on the local network. If I boot the Lubuntu machine in XP it also works fine on the local network, so it appears the problem is with Lubuntu.

I have tried turning off global discovery and also local discovery, and leaving for a long period, but still it won’t connect!

I’m running Syncthing v10.30.

This appears to be completely the opposite problem to what most people experience, so if anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful to hear them.

Also, I am very new to Lubuntu, so if anyone could tell me how to find the log file and / or see the console as it runs that would be very helpful. I can only find a log file in .config/syncthing, but it doesn’t have anything like the level of detail that the windows one does.

Otherwise, Syncthing is great.

Syncthing logs to stdout by default, hence check stdout. There is nothing we can help you with unless you get some logs.

Thanks. Using this I managed to find the logs which in case it is useful for anyone else are under .cache/lxsession/Lubuntu/run.log Maybe that is obvious to everyone else. There is also a log under .config.

The log simply reports the same status as the windows console. Ready to sync, device is, completed initial scan etc.

Are you saying I need to learn to use more detailed logging software? I was kind of hoping that there was a known setting in (l)ubuntu that blocked something, but perhaps this is not the case. It seems really odd to me that it works externally.

These should be on. However, you may have a local firewall that needs turning off.

No, he’s saying showing those logs would give an indication of what may be wrong. Or at least what isn’t. :slight_smile:

Many thanks. I feel a bit foolish now.

Turning the firewall off fixed the problem. Interestingly it still worked when I turned it back on.

I have no idea why the firewall worked with connections from outside the network, but not on it. That seems to be the wrong way round, but that doesn’t have much to do with Syncthing, so this issue is resolved and I’m to off to search the internet for more info on Lubuntu’s firewall.

Thanks again.

The mechanisms are a bit different. On the outside, you ask a question to a specific server (the discovery server). This is initiated by your computer so the firewall allows it. On the inside, local discovery depends on being able to see broadcasts from other computers. Firewalls often block these by default.