Love, Love, Love ST. Thank you so much!

I just wanted to say how much I love ST and thank you so much for creating it. It’s streamlined my processes so much.

I have two machines I bounce between and a server. I have certain folders (development, docs, desktop, etc…) on each machine synced to my server and my server syncing back to the other machines. It’s so effortless it’s great.

I update some code on my laptop when I am downstairs, save, and close my laptop. By the time I go upstairs and open VS Code, the file has been synced and already updated in my VS Code.

Great product. Love it. Thank you!


I have to agree with the love here. Your enormous efforts are making synchronization of systems at a community nonprofit newspaper much more reliable, especially during our remote production during the pandemic. Thank you, all.


Syncthing is amazing, and the maintainers are a godsend. Bravo!