Lots of Panic: runtime error: index out of range

Hey everyone,

tonight I got a lot of “runtime error: index out of range” panics. They appeared at almost exactly the same time on all receiving devices of one shared folder (not on the sendonly master distributor). The folder on the distributor is constantly changing and can therefore provoke errors, but the panics should still not happen.

I have a sanitized panic log for you. They look similar on the other devices. In total I hav 134 panics across 34 devices which are in differently sized clusters separate for windows and linux.

syncthing_panic_Index_out_of_range.log (542.7 KB)

That’s unrelated to the the cluster config and closed channel stuff, and same as panic: runtime error. Seeing it happened twice, I’d say it warrants a github issue to track it. I’ll post a PR shortly that either fixes or moves the panic.

Are you creating the issue or should I do it?

Thanks for looking into it.

If you don’t mind, go ahead opening it yourself.


Thanks for the quick fix.

When can I expect the fix to be included in a stable release? I cannot use a release candidate because of the mandatory usage reporting.

This will be included in v0.14.53, which will be released in the beginning of December (assuming no major problems with the RCs).

Ok. That is what I expected. Thanks for clarifying.

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