Looking to Sync folders in 'My Documents' on 3 Windows machines.

Is it possible, with having different users on Windows, the folder names don’t match up. I tried using %userprofile% and adding the foldername at the end, but it created a folder called %userprofile%.

Is it possible to sync a folder within ‘My Documents’ between 3 windows machines?

I tried typing ‘~’ after reading something saying that it was the default home folder, but I guess that is on Linux as it just changed my folder back to C:\Users[username][Folder ID] [replacing with names and numbers]


I think Syncthing does expand ~ also on windows, but I don’t know what to. You should just use the actual path represented by My Documents / %userprofile% to be sure.

Assuming using Windows 10/ 8/ 7 use this as the folder path for all users you want to share “My Documents” with:


“My Documents” is actually: C:\Users\USER\Documents

As soon as use ~ in Syncthing on Windows C:\Users\USER will replace ~

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