Logic for 1 or 2 common shares on multiple hosts


I saw and read responses about similar questions. I think I’ll not be first and surely not the last thinking this scenario. I’m trying to setup a common 1 or 2 resources that needs to be shared bidirectional with all host that lives on the lan. Connectivity is not an issue, I saw autodiscover and so on.

I guessing the best logic for doing it and the process.

This should be a setup:

  1. creates couple of shares on host 1.
  2. Host 2, autodiscover host 1 and it’s shares.
  3. Host 3, autodiscover host 1 and it’s shares (I should ignore host 2).

… etc.

Seems the best way to do it but not sure if there is a way to avoid host 2…n announces themselves or at least avoid issues rejecting all n shares nodes.

I don’t want also to depends on host 1 for the rest of the mesh… because if host 1 is not present nothing will works.

I saw and read the role of introducer…but I don’t know how to manage it since seems like introducer is the Host 1 role I explained, but still means that if host 1 is down… rest is dead.

Any hint?


Your question contradicts itself, as you don’t want host 2 sharing with host N, yet you don’t want host 1 not being there to make it not work.

You can setup shares in any topology you want, it doesn’t matter. Introducer does not affect topology posibilities, it just reduces the amount of clicking you need to do if there is some example node should be followed.

Right… thanks

Probably I don’t have the concepts clear.

Which is the best way for sharing same resources with n host… on same location of the HDD on each… and if it’s possible… when a host enter on the lan… “accept” the shares?

(with the less number of clicks possible)


You can’t, a new host would always have to be setup manually - add the first host, make it an introducer (potentially, not sure if you want that) and enabling auto-accept.

After the initial setup further folders could just continue being auto-added to the default location as shared from host 1.

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