Logging sync information in Syncthing-GTK

I apologize in advance; I don’t understand how to do this even after reading prior posts on the topic.

Essentially, I just want to output to a log file the most recent history of syncs on a particular machine running Syncthing GTK on Linux – Fedora in this instance.

I tried to use the UI Settings>Advanced>Daemon arguments and variables interface to set the “example” argument for logging. Other than changing the directory path, it was identical. However, each time I get an error stating Can't Invoke the daemon. See images below.

Can't Inovke Daemon

What am I messing up here? Am I misunderstanding the functionality of this section? Instead, do I need to pass these arguments at startup? And if so, what is the best way to do so?

Please note, all I really want to do is have an use log in /home/user/syncthing.log that is limited to, say, the past 50 entries.

Thanks for any assistance.

I’ll admit I also don’t fully understand this screenshot. What you’ve done looks correct according to the example - but does Syncthing-GTK magically understand that logger should be started after Syncthing and get its output piped to it? Maybe, I guess. Is the Syncthing binary actually in /usr/bin/syncthing?

In 0.14.43 the logs are available in the web GUI, which might or might not be another way to solve your issue.

Thanks. Looks like I need to upgrade to 0.14.43. Right now, my package manager has not updated it. I installed via Fedora’s dnf command (i.e., sudo dnf install syncthing), but I forget if it was in the base repositories or Fusion. Hopefully it will come my way soon.

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