Log of files updated / transferred

Hi - long time BTSync user, one week convert to Syncthing. So far so good… no complaints. I spent the last several days creating scripts and services to make everything smoother across my 5 machines.

Simple question, how do I log history of the files transferred? I’d like to see on each machine the files coming and going to keep track of when updates occur.

I’ve tried all of the STTRACE options without finding anything… even tried grepping through STTRACE=ALL and didn’t find anything that tells me. What am I missing?

There is a rest interface which fires off ItemStarted ItemFinished events. Check the wiki, and STTRACE=all should have enough to deduce that too to be honest.

But in an extremely verbose and unfriendly format. :slight_smile: The API is the “correct” way right now, with the log output mostly containing errors and stuff required for the context of those errors. Not to say that more “audit”-like logging couldn’t be added.

Thanks for the reply! I for one would greatly appreciate a more audit-like log. But there doesn’t seem to be a great interest for it surprisingly.

On the contrary, this has been implemented since. See the -verbose and -audit command line flags.