Locked files cause repeated no-progress message

I’m running 0.11.9 on 3 nodes, all with Windows. It seems that whenever a file is locked by an application on one node, the other nodes will repeatedly show the “Folder XXXX isn’t making progress - check logs…” message until the lock is released.

For example, I have an Outlook PST file stored in a shared folder. Since Outlook locks the file, I repeatedly see that error message as long as I have Outlook running (which is most of the day). As soon as I close Outlook the file syncs and the messages stop.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to check for locked files and simply wait until they are released, rather than continually trying to sync them? Ideally the GUI would even show which files are locked somewhere.

There is no concept of locked files in other OS’es, and I don’t think Go has the special API to check whether they are locked (the best I can come up with is checking the read only bit, and actually trying to write to the file). But the request does seem reasonable.

Possibly we could detect the actual error we get when we attempt to open the file.