LocalSync app proposal

Is there something preventing a separate service app that registers itself as an Android sync account from reading\writing to local user-space files, that are placed in a folder Syncthing is syncing, thus automating contacts and calendar sync for android?

I understand the feature was rejected for Syncthing since it’s extra, external dependencies when all Syncthing wants to do is sync files… But is there a technical reason to reject a scheme using a separate optional app?

Disclaimer: Too lazy to learn Java again and figure it all out on my own :smiley:

Are you wanting to use Syncthing to monitor a folder and trigger an event on sync complete?

Yes, there is a technical reason. It’s because contacts and calendars live in databases, and databases live in files. Syncthing doesn’t look into files in the way that you would want it to in order to do what you propose. It just wouldn’t work that way.