Locally Changed Files - More Info would be useful..

In Receive only folders it would be nice not only to see the filename of locally changed files, but also whether the file was “Added”, “Changed”, or “Deleted”. As it is now I think we don’t have this information in the alert box in the UI.


The following items were changed locally:

Path: Added: Path1/File1 50kB Added: Path2/File2 50kB Changed: Path3/File3 100kB Deleted: Path4/File4 200kB

Not sure how easy this would be to implement, but for us trying to diagnose why remote folders are changing when they shouldn’t be changing it would be nice to have this info at our fingertips…

I don’t think this info is currently in the API, thus adding it involves work in the backend as well. See the associated API response: GET /rest/db/localchanged — Syncthing documentation