Local Sync Only

I am using Syncthing with 2 computers and 2 cell phones. I would like to sync these only when they are on the same wifi network at the same time … never over the internet. I can’t seem to find a setting that would make this happen.

Any advice?

Disable global discovery.

In addition to disabling global discovery you also need to disable kcp (or at least stun by setting stunKeepaliveSeconds to 0).

Thanks. Disabling Global Discovery was easy, but I can’t see anything about kcp on my Android. Do you have more detail on this?

Is this what I disable? What will it do?

Not that. There should be an “Stun Keepalive Seconds” in the same view that you need to set to 0.

Found it. Set to 0. What does this do?

Also … Thanks all for the help!

It disables stun lookup, which is used to connect to other devices by kcp thus disabling it. Maybe there is an easier way to disable kcp alltogether, but I wouldn’t know how from the top of my head.

Changing your listen address from default to tcp:// disables KCP and relay.

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