Local network sync setting for folders

Hi I have searched the syncthing forums and it seems many people can use from this feature: A per folder setting which only syncing when both computers are connected to the same wifi network. I have multiple devices which might connect to multiple networks and have access to internet(Metered DSL) and I don’t want the syncthing to sync these folders over the internet. This should be easy as I only want the sync to happen when the devices have the same IP range.

Thank you

Sounds like you want this per device, right? Then you can use a direct (local) IP instead of dynamic in the device settings to restrict to local connections.

Or the IP access list. But I think the request is for it to be per folder, which is not doable today.

No I want it per folder, I want one of my folders to be only synced when they are connected to the same WIFI network. (both WIFI have internet access which costs per GB) but I do not want the sync to happen when they are connected to different wifi.

Where is the IP access list? I’m thinking of running two instances of rsync on my PC, one local and one online. And the other devices only connect to it when they’re on local network.