Local file has the same uppercase/lowercase characters but Syncthing on Windows believes otherwise.

The error I’m getting is this:

scan: remote “instances\SteamDeck Pack.minecraft\config\Slyde.json5” uses different upper or lowercase characters than local “instances\SteamDeck Pack.minecraft\config\slyde.json5”; change the casing on either side to match the other

The issue lies in the fact that the local file on my Steam Deck does have a lowercase “s” in its name, so… What gives? I need this config file to sync across devices for debugging purposes.

Parent folder on Windows is the Prism Launcher default directory, and on Steam Deck the parent folder is that of the flatpak’s “data/Prism Launcher” directory.

Windows is using SyncTrayzor for the UI and Steam Deck is using the SyncThing GTK flatpak (with extra permissions given through flatseal) for the UI.

You could try to rename the file so something different, let Syncthing sync that, and then rename it back to what it should be.

That seems to have done the trick; thank ya!

I know it’s been a while, but the issue has returned with a vengeance. Windows still seems to think slyde.json5 has a capital S on my Steam Deck, while the local file on my Deck has a lowercase s.

(In reality, I think it started again literally only a day later, and I just forgot to reply back until now.)

I find it hard to imagine how Syncthing would misunderstand or somehow invent initial capitals on its own. It’s not a thing it does. I think it’s much more likely that whatever not-Syncthing thing you’re using to look at file listings isn’t that accurate, and that you in fact do have case differences that need resolving.

If it’ll help, I can share actual screenshots of my devices and their local files. I’d likely prefer to do so within messages, but sharing them here wouldn’t necessarily be much of an issue; I’d just need to vet the screenshots a bit more before sharing to avoid sharing anything private.

As it turns out, I was slightly mistaken. The application is generating two files on Linux - one with a capital S and one with a lowercase s. Windows is failing to sync one or the other since the file system used in Windows is case insensitive.

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I recently face the same problem with Android system.

Syncthing can’t sync ‘two files with different case but same name’ between Linux and Android.

It seems like the Android is working like Windows system.

They do not distinguash ~/Download/HI.png and ~/Download/hi.png.

Both android and windows will think ~/Download/HI.png and ~/Download/hi.png as the same file. Which is not right, which means their storage system is case-insensitive.

But for general Linux system, they are case-sensitive.

Does this mean the android enginner secrectly come from microsoft? I don’t know.

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