Local Discovery Only

I’ve been using Local Discovery between devices without issue for a few months. (NO NAT, Global, or Relay)

I setup a new device today and couldn’t get it to connect with other devices with only local discovery enabled. I had to re-enable Global discovery for them to connect up. Once connected to each other, I disabled Global discovery again and the devices continue to function as expected with local discovery only.

Correct me if I’m mistaken in my thinking… My guess is that when I have only “local discovery” active on my devices that any new devices will fail discovery because I haven’t run a local discovery server instance stdiscosrv.exe??

I’m guessing devices that successfully pair up via the global server just happen to continue to work when set to local only because there’s a cached copy of their previous successful connection info saved somewhere??

Stay awesome all!

Yes, they will stop discovering each other at some point. It’s possible that local discovery does not work due to firewalls or network segmentation. If you are running windows, a network being classified as public could be the cause.

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Thank you @AudriusButkevicius Much appreciated.

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