Local discovery (ipv4) when multiple instances on same host


Running several instances of synchting on a specific linux host (in my case because of multiple users) prevents the use of local discovery in ipv4 because port 21027 can only be bound once, and so it uses ipv6. All fine up to there.

The issue is that synchting instances keep trying to bind to that port, and that really overloads my syslog

My questions are:

  • Is there a way to disable local discovery for ipv4 only (in ipv6 it works fine)? Should/could I use a dummy distinct value for localAnnouncePort?
  • Is there a way to reduce the quantity of logs sent to syslog because of that?

Thank you for your tips!

Since it doesn’t work you can indeed set a random port for each to silence the complaints. There was a post recently with some iptables hacks as well that could help.

Thank you @calmh - I hadn’t found the iptables-based solution. For others, if interested, here’s the link: Two syncthing instances in one machine - #10 by cosas

Paternity of the idea is to @basiliscos: Two syncthing instances in one machine - #9 by basiliscos

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