Local discovery disabled?

Hello, I’ve installed Syncthing v0.9.9 on two Mac laptops and they are unable to find each other. One of the laptops is having issues with local discovery:

CJFN7] 2014/08/30 17:37:32.820015 main.go:456: INFO: Starting web GUI on
[CJFN7] 2014/08/30 17:37:32.839662 main.go:480: INFO: Performing initial repository scan
[CJFN7] 2014/08/30 17:37:32.872925 main.go:610: INFO: Created UPnP port mapping - external port 25934
[CJFN7] 2014/08/30 17:37:32.872946 main.go:1015: INFO: Starting local discovery announcements
[CJFN7] 2014/08/30 17:37:32.872990 discover.go:74: INFO: No IPv4 discovery possible (listen udp :21025: bind: address already in use)
[CJFN7] 2014/08/30 17:37:32.873041 discover.go:84: INFO: No IPv6 discovery possible (listen udp ff32::5222: setsockopt: can't assign requested address)
[CJFN7] 2014/08/30 17:37:32.873046 discover.go:92: WARNING: No local discovery method available
[CJFN7] 2014/08/30 17:37:32.873059 main.go:1020: INFO: Starting global discovery announcements
[CJFN7] 2014/08/30 17:37:32.873066 main.go:527: OK: Ready to synchronize default (read-write)

How can I work around this problem? My nodes aren’t able to see each other. Both of the nodes are on the same WiFi network. It’s not the firewall as turning it off and restarting syncthing still gives this problem.

Something, maybe another syncthing, is using the discovery port already.

There’s no IPv6 enabled?

Running sudo lsof -i -P | grep 21025 gives nothing so I’m not what the “address already in use” message is saying. As for IPv6, it is enabled on my machine. Could it be due a misconfiguration on my router’s end?

And even if local discovery is broken, shouldn’t global discovery work?

I have this every day. Seems to be suspend/resume related. A reboot “fixes” it.