Local Additions / Out of sync, but no items are listed.

Hey y’all! Pretty new to linux and syncthing both :slight_smile:

I’ve been using send / receive folders in windows, and recently tried to emulate the setup in the linux install I just setup, but after everything syncs I’m left with out of sync / local additions.

I tried changing from a ntfs drive (the old windows secondary drive) to ext4 and entirely fresh destination folders - no luck.

Revert changes, re-scanning, pausing from either side all do nothing to fix this. I’ve tried to list what the offending files are, but the list appears blank when I try:

I noticed the “send” machine has about half the storage space used. Not sure if this is relevant. image

Any help would be appreciated, I’ve run out of ideas.

The folders slowly resynced, I think the initial sync was just substantially longer than expected.