Local Additions on Receive Only, List is just Directories

Hello All – Happy Syncthing user here. I have 4 computers in my cluster, 2 Desktop, 2 Laptops, all Send/Receive. I have just added a Raspberry Pi, running v1.15.1, Linux (32-bit ARM).

The folder pair I have a question about is my mp3 share, currently in sync on the original 4 devices, 334,820 43,081 ~3.33 TiB

When I added this to the Raspberry Pi, I took a mirrored copy of the folder from one of the current devices (minus .stfolder and .stversions) and I let it sync. Receive Only, Ignore Permissions. It completed successfully except for 303 items, 37.9KiB. When I click on this to see what files are in question, they are just Folder names, 128b in size.

Clicking on the Revert Local Changes produces this, Revert: directory has been deleted on a remote device but is not empty; the contents are probably ignored on that remote device, but not locally.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer

The error message explains what’s happening, not sure what your question is.

I’m confused as to why on the Raspberry Pi, it thinks these items are Local Additions, where it’s an exact copy of one of the others in the cluster. I was just wondering how to clear them? I’ve had this happen on other folders randomly, but it always gives me a file that’s changed somehow – I click Revert Local Changes, and both folders fall back into Sync

They are local additions because the directories are deleted on the remote side but exist locally. They cannot be deleted locally because they have files in them, and the files are most likely ignored on either side.

I just verified all folders in question, and they exist on both sides, both with the same content. If I delete them on the Receive only side, and rescan, will they sync back over?

Nope that won’t help. Rescanning on the other side though should just “resurrect” the directories there (as in Syncthing should detect that they are actually there and not deleted) and thus resolve the problem.

I don’t know if this is related or not, but I did a regular shutdown of syncthing on the raspberry pi, while I cleaned up the folders in question, I’m rescanning on the send side, and when I started syncthing again on the Raspberry Pi, all folders now say UNKNOWN, the local state for the pi is all zero’s … but the timestamps on the index directory are currently changing, like its re-reading the whole database… is this normal?

I have had a similar problem multiple times. Always on the first sync, with existing files, and only when the folder was set to Receive Only. I have not been able to reproduce on a clean setup yet though.

If you want to fix this, set the folder to Send & Receive temporarily, let everything stabilise, and only then change it back to Receive Only.

I usually get the “unknown” thing when Syncthing is busy trying to read/write on very slow storage.

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