Local Additions despite files being identical (checksum, mtime, etc.)

This has been happening on one of my Android devices recently. Basically, from time to time I see that one of the Receive Only folders is being stuck with Local Additions, despite having done no changes to in on the Android device itself.

This is how the situation looks in the Web GUI.

I’ve compared the files listed as “Locally Changed Items” with their counterparts on a different, Windows device, and they match both regarding checksum and mtime.

Here is the REST API output of the two files. TE7LRR is the Android device, where the Local Additions show up. D4DZUG is the Windows device.

Because this is Android, I want to mention that Syncthing is set to run as root, and I’ve also checked the config DEBUG log to see whether the 2s mtime has been automatically applied, and it has.

Detecting FS at "xxx" on android: Setting mtime window to 2s: usage.Fstype == "fuseblk"

Syncthing version on the Android device is currently v1.19.0.

Have you got any idea what may be going on here?

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I’m sorry for bumping the thread, but can anyone with more knowledge than myself say what exactly the reason for these files to be listed as “local additions” can be here?

If I look at the comparison presented in the screenshot above, I can see that both the global and local versions are almost exactly the same, with the exception of sequence being 120 and 38 respectively. I’ve got no idea what sequence really means in this context though. When it comes to modified and modifiedBy values, all of the data seems identical, however there is a difference regarding the real and virtual values listed under mtime. Can these be the culprit in relation to the “local additions” discussed here?

Sequence is device-local and doesn’t matter for comparison purposes. So they look identical to me. More importantly, localFlags is zero, which also means it’s not a local addition. (Being a local addition is a local flag.) Perhaps the metadata is out of date? I don’t know.

What should I do then? :smiley:

Using the “revert local additions” button does its job, but then the situation re-occurs anyway when new changes are pushed to the device later. This doesn’t affect everything, but rather only some of the files, and seems quite random.

Would enabling the standard db,model debug logging help try to find the culprit, or are any other debug logging options more preferable here?

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