local additions - but in the list only folders, EVEN after delete and fresh sync

hello there, thank you that you exist. a very helpful and patient user is helping me to sync my synology DS with my extern usb drive on a RASPI. i only send from DS and only receive at RASPI side. both sides ignore patterns are the same, filesystem is ext4 and unixoid.

i get the “Local Additions” when i click Locally Changed Items, i see a list of folders, no files image

we tried to change the rights, we renamed the folder so the sync took place again but the “local additions” do appear again.

i also clicked on the red button (revert local cahnges) the log says “Revert: directory is not empty; files within are probably ignored on connected devices only”

the ignore pattern is:

#include .stglobalignore /#recycle (?i)#recycle

// .stglobalignore

// Incomplete Downloads // At least for now, these prevent Syncthing from transferring data that’s // going to be thrown out anyway once the download is finished and the // file is renamed. Things may change when Syncthing gets smarter. // // Firefox downloads and other things *.part // Chrom(ium|e) downloads *.crdownload

// Temporary / Backup Files ~ ..swp

// OS-generated files (OS X) .DS_Store .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes ._*

// OS-generated files (Windows) desktop.ini ehthumbs.db Thumbs.db

// BTSync files .sync *.bts *.!Sync .SyncID .SyncIgnore .SyncArchive *.SyncPart *.SyncTemp *.SyncOld

// Synology files @eaDir

what can we do to find our error in thinking?

can we get a log of what files are ignored or what can we do?

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Are all of the files starting with an exclamation mark? Does this signify some special file/directory/link type or are these plain directories?

What is in those directories?

thanks for your quick reply.

the only path that is not working starts with “/!DRIVERS…” everything under it, does bring th error.

in the directories there are normal files…

(you could look with teamviewer at my pc or i could make a video or some kind of directory export?)

can we get a log of what files are ignored?

Can you please show the output of ls -la on a single one of the problematic paths on both connected devices.


give me a few minutes…

i did rename !DRIVERS to !Drivers now, on the sending side… its scanning new now

then i will

i will do it for this other syncthing folder / task that gives the errors on these path’s

Synology DS side:

Raspi Side:

left site is RASPI, right side is DS

okay… my first problem is gone, after the folder rename…

the other screenshots where from my second folder. could it be that it only exist because read and write rights? see this compared

Synology doesn’t do permissions like regular Unixes*. Setting ignore permissions is probably required on all folders in Syncthing. It might or might not be enough.

*) Yes I’m aware these are POSIX.1e/NFSv4 ACLs and are, as such, very much Unix. They’re still weird and Syncthing doesn’t support them.

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i thought it does only take any effect on FAT file systems…

should i set it on send and receive side?

It’s useful whenever the underlying file system doesn’t retain normal Unix permission bits. Synology appears to be such a system most of the time. Set it there.

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