listeners / discovery / relay

Hi, which is the bes way to config the listeners and set the global/local anouncement ?

I have 5 offices with at least one server on each office. They are connected via 300mbps with VPN between them.

In the main office I have 2 servers, and for an undetermined time 2 more servers for replacing old servers.

Al offices can perform changes at the shared folder.

I supose that local announcement only works in the LAN. How did works the Global announcement?

I have servers with 3/3 listeners, others with 2/2. And servers with 4/5 discovery, and others with 2/5.

Which is the most reliable config setup?

I have disabled introducer option in all servers unless in one server. I add the servers with a fixed IP.

The relay option uses external servers? or is an option to relay the files between the sync group? If I enable the allow relay could be slowing the sync?

If you are using VPN you should hard code device addresses, as global discovery will not know what addresses you are using inside your VPN.

Best option is to connect using TCP directly, relays are only used if we cannot connect directly, and relays are usually throttled as it’s shared infrastructure.

Yes, I am using static IP “tcp://192.168.X.XXX:22000”, for each server instance.

Then, it’s better to dissable the announcement and the relay?

Yeah, if it still works once you do that. If it doesn’t then you need to figure out whats wrong.