Listeners and Discovery?


Sorry for the probably obvious question. But I’ve just installer/started to use SyncThing, and I can’t tell what ‘Listeners’ and ‘Discovery’ are on the main web GUI. I’ve searched about and looked at the GUI help guide, but can’t quite seem to find anything on this?

What are these two things?

Discovery is discovery servers the device announced itself to. Listeners is different protocols over which it’s listening for new connections.

Thanks for the speedy reply buddy :slight_smile:

Is there any more in-depth info on this anyway? I’m fairly okay with the listeners part as you’ve mentioned, I’m assuming this is listening on multiple ports? i.e. HTTP or a random TCP port? (I’ve got two listeners open)

For the ‘Discovery side’, I’ve currently got 2/2, however I haven’t linked anything to this device yet. Are these external servers my client is connected to?

Yes, it’s connected to relays, and reports it’s address to multiple discovery servers so that others could find you.

Brilliant, thanks! :slight_smile:

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