I’ve got a strange problem at one of my Windows machines. Sometimes after resuming from sleep mode Syncthing shows 0/1 listeners with the following messages in log file:

INFO: Listen (BEP/tcp): listen tcp bind: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. INFO: Entering the backoff state. INFO: c.S.listenerSupervisor: Failed service ‘tcp://’ (3.000000 failures of 2.000000), restarting: false, error: “{tcp:// tcp://} returned unexpectedly”, stacktrace: [unknown stack trace]

Ports monitoring utilities like CurrPorts or "netstat -aon " show that port 22000 is not used by anything. Restarting Syncthing doesn’t help but does the machine reboot.


No changes in configuration for a long time before the problem’s appearance. I updated my netcard drivers, and will observe the behaviour. Looks like OS problem. :frowning:

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