Linux & Windows on same machine

I have 2 computers and a Synology file station, so far so good, but one of the PC’s is using both Windows 10 and Ubuntu alternating but with the same IP. Usage depends on my needs. I like to sync some maps on all three of them. Question: Is the sync process (also) depending on the IP or just on the Device ID? In other words must this be resolvable with standard installation/configuration rules? Thankful for all info and help.

Working on one PC with two OS and running Syncthing on both is no problem. The decisive factor is the ID of the respective instance. In principle, both instances can also synchronize the same folder, however, conflicting files are to be expected because each instance has its own database. But something like that

Windows 10, Instance 1, Folder A, B, etc.
Ubuntu, instance 2, folder C, D, etc.

is perfectly feasible.

Which Synology you are using and which Syncthing package?

Thanks for this fast and extensive reaction. I run the SyncThing 1.16.1 version and use a somewhat old DS211 with DSM 6.2 up to date. The Syno is used for central storage and for web site experiments. Relevant data is also saved on a cloud system of Stackstorage by TransIP. I am just starting with SyncThing and try and apply it because it is open software. I like it already a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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