Linux Snap - Add folder outside of home

Ubuntu 20.04 snap install syncthing

Everything is working very nicely as expected. Migrating from apt, was simply a matter of replacing the syncthing folder in snap/common with my own from .config/

I have a user folder /data I need the syncthing snap to be able to see. I have gone through the snap documentation but I am having great trouble figuring out how to add a connection to that path. Does anyone have a bit more experience with the syncthing snap that would know where to point me?

install syncthing use --classic.

snap install application --classic


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Or install the deb packaging for similar effect.

Does it really work?

$ sudo snap install syncthing --classic
Warning: flag --classic ignored for strictly confined snap syncthing

syncthing 1.4.0 from Syncthing✓ installed

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