Linux : Making a copy of my Syncthing Config Folder

LINUX QUESTION If I backup /home/myuser/.config/syncthing FOLDER

  • And reinstall my PC (different Linux os)
  • reinstall Syncthing
  • and Bring back my OLDER Syncthing folder

Will it work ?

Link / sync with my other PC and Android phone will work ?

Yes, assuming that the followup installation of Syncthing is a version that is equal to or newer than the one that last updated the configuration file, i.e., downgrading Syncthing will likely result in a startup error.

Also, the OS reinstall doesn’t have to be the same platform. It is possible to move a Syncthing configuration between Linux, Windows, macOS, etc.


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Tks for the quick answer ! Very much appreciated

Just be careful that the synced folders already have the data when you start Syncthing. Otherwise it will detect the files are gone, recognize it as a deletion and propagate that to alle linked devices. Sure way to lose data if you’re not careful.

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You mean I copy the DATA Folders (from one of the PC that has it) and the syncthing config on the new installation / new PC) ?

as I copied the config folder (syncthing) from pC A to PC B, do you happen to know what permission / who need access to the config Folder ? I will create a new config folder to see how permission are setup (by launchin Syncthing)

Syncthing log : /home/yoda/.config/syncthing/cert.pem: permission denied

I decided to resync :wink:

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