Limiting use for some clients

Help appreciated. I am considering using Syncthing.

I have a specific need.

I need to simply sync a single folder in a network the important part is that I, and a few coworkers are the only ones able to add files (this seams easy) and… [this is the thing I cant work out] other users cannot create a share link or share it to others (only the admin team can).

I looked in the documentation, but I can’t see it, this might simply be because I don’t know what the feature is called.

Any thoughts?

No, that’s currently not possible.

Thanks! That’s why I couldn’t find it!

Ok, so I cant use it in a commercial situation to distribute documents that I don’t want to be synced outside the company?

You can prevent sharing by preventing the users to configure Syncthing on their PCs. There is no share link in Syncthing. Devices must connect to and approve each other, then they can share folders. If the users cannot access the Syncthing instance running on their PC, they cannot add an outside device. This can be done by setting a user/password for the WebUI and locking down the config file.

What currently doesn’t work is that some nodes have write access while others only have read access. The only related setting is “master folder” which will tell Syncthing to discard any modification attempts by other nodes. So if you would enable that setting on the few nodes which should have write access, they will block all incoming modifications, even the ones by the other master nodes. Additionally, the non-master nodes can change and add files and all non-master nodes will get those changes.