Limiting need of restarts

Hi, Thanks for this promising piece of software.

I’m running it on old low-end nas for syncing my development folder ( 150k files for 5 GB) and my photos. Restarting takes about 5 minutes, often to leading to a new restart request…

May be it’s possible to restart only folders concerned by configuration change. For example, if I create a new folder, that would be nice that Photos and Development folders wouldn’t re-scanned again.

Thanks for reading. jfc

Folder configurations are only exchanged at the handshake, hence we restart in order to reset all state, and reestablish all connections.

There is already an issue for this in the tracker, but as far as I am aware, there hasn’t been much progress on this in the last year.

It’s a tricky thing to get 100% right whereas it’s trivial to get it right by restarting, and in most cases only a minor inconvenience.

On the other hand it is a bit simplistic already now. There are a number of config changes that the GUI claims requires a restart that actually don’t, but we’re not super good at weeding them out.