"Likely status" of offline devices

I have a network of 8 devices which connect sporadically. Currently there’s a “Last Seen” status line in the GUI. Would it be possible to implement a “Sync Status” line too? It would be ‘up to date’ just after the device disconnects, and as shared files are changed and the device stays offline, it would gradually get more out of sync. Obviously it’s not necessarily accurate (since the device I’m on may also go offline) but it would help see how up-to-date each device is even when they’re disconnected. If implemented, this could even be used as the status (i.e. not just ‘Disconnected’ but ‘Offline / 95% synced’ or something.


That’d be cool. I think it should be doable with a reasonable amount of work by someone; we can get the sync status of an offline device in precisely the same way as for an online one, it’s just that we don’t know if it’s correct anymore.


Thanks! Shall I put a feature request on GitHub?

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Sure, go ahead.

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That would also solve this usecase:

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