Let's promote SyncThing in an Italian podcast!

Hey there, just wanted to ask SyncThing community if there is someone who knows how SyncThing works and speaks Italian.


To talk about SyncThing in an audio only podcast (basically pros & cons and hopefully more people will know about this superb sync solution).

The podcast is hosted my me and I am talking about how to use IT/Tech in a smart way while keeping privacy.

The podcast name is “La tua sovranità digitale” for Italians who are curious.

Please reply here and let’s promote SyncThing together!

PS: Yes I am also using SyncThing but I use its 5% of features, just synchronizing some .md files between PC and Android. I would like to explore more features of SyncThing, its limitations, dangers, etc.

To your question: I don’t speak Italian.
I think we had Italian speakers on the forum before, so I hope some still frequent it and come accross your topic.

Oh I think you are using 90% of syncthing’s features, at least in spirit. To me syncthing is about no-fuss continuous data sync, period. It’s also pretty efficient with multiple devices, so if you only use two that’s why I gave 90% and not 99% :slight_smile: There’s already a lot going into doing that well of course. And there are also quite a few things you can tweak and some that go slightly beyond “just sync”, but those aren’t what makes syncthing syncthing to me.

Also given you’re coming from a promotional angle:

It’s Syncthing, although the command and source repository is spelled syncthing so it may be referred to in that way as well. It’s definitely not SyncThing, even though the abbreviation st is used in some circumstances and file names.



Thank you for clarifying the name, and yes I am using to sync different folders to more than 2 devices. It’s 3 android devices, 1 windows and 1 linux pc.

However I still don’t feel confident explaining all the functionality behind it, I am not an expert in IT networking and in my podcast I want to give people solid info.

Let’s try to ping some Italians here :smiley:

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