Less devices and "Connection to ... closed: reading length: EOF"

I have 3 devices in the same LAN and 2 outside.

I don’t understand why one device (thinkpad) in LAN see only devices inside the LAN (it don’t see the 2 outside)…and report “Connection to … closed: reading length: EOF” in the log:

The others 2 in LAN see all device (inside and outside), here an example, with same version of Syncthing:

On the left device with “compromised” discovery

The router seems works good. I have also try to using smartphone as hotspot (ie. put device outside the LAN), but the thinkpad see only those 2 devices.

maybe can be useful:

thinkpad ~ % nc -z -v 95.233.eightytwo.138 46379
host-95-233-eightytwo-138.retail.telecomitalia.it [95.233.eightytwo.138] 46379 open

Please post full screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from all devices. Are all of them located in the same network? Are you using the default settings, or have you, by any change, modified some of the network-related options, e.g. regarding discovery, relaying, etc.?

Thanks @tomasz86!

I have removed the “not discovered devices” by both side, re-add them, and now all works like a charm.

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