Leider kann auf dieses Paket nicht mit QuickConnect zugegriffen werden

I want to place my second Synology DiscStation remotely at a different network and syncing data from my local NAS to the remote NAS. For testing, I connected with my Synology address http://xyz.de4.quickconnect.to/ which allows remote access from anywhere. But when I start syncthing I get the error “Leider kann auf dieses Paket nicht mit QuickConnect zugegriffen werden” which means that the syncthing package can only open locally and not with the http://-address. Adding :8384 to the http-address did also not work. From reading some other posts I saw, that there are possibly other ways for connecting but reading the documentation “Using Proxies” did not really help me as I’m not very experienced with Linux. Yes, I can open a ssh connection to my Synology DS and do some actions, but I need to get a procedure which I can follow easily. Can anybody give me a more detailed description to get it working?

I don’t know what QuickConnect does specifically, but it is is certainly possible to access the Syncthing GUI on a Synology NAS from the internet. I’m doing that with two installations, not involving any Synology services though. The only thing needed is a port forwarding / firewall exception in the router which connects the NAS to the internet, and for convenience a dynamic DNS service to find the device should the IP address change. The latter is optional though, as you can usually find out the IP from the global discovery server.

It is good to know that you have it working as I would like to have it too. I configured portforwarding for 8384 in my router and added also an exception for the port 8384 in a firewall rule. But when I try to open http://xyz.de4.quickconnect.to:8384 in my browser, the user interface of syncthing will not open (too long for connection). The web address http://xyz.de4.quickconnect.to is a DDNS service from Synology and opens correctly with my username and password. What did I possibly do wrong?

I suspect that the Synology QuickConnect service is in fact not just a simple DDNS, but tries to intercept the HTTP connection, e.g. in order to authenticate the user. If that is true, it would make sense that you cannot forward arbitrary ports this way.

You could ask Synology for troubleshooting help, or try another DDNS service. Have you checked whether the connection succeeds when you specify the external IP address manually instead of the DNS name?

I have also tested the IP-address, but without success.

Meantime, I started a new test with a Synology service which I found under “Systemsteuerung/Dateidienste/Erweitert” which syncs in one direction from NAS1 to NAS2 with rsync. This should also work over the internet (not tested yet).

I think that also the huge amount of data to be synced (~5 TB) will cause some trouble.

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