Learn more about .stfolder and .stfolder.removed

I use Syncthing with some android devices (sync source) and a Synology NAS (sync target).

Before understanding how Syncthing works, I did several synchronization tests. Sometimes I have deleted some synchronization operations - android side and also NAS side - (obviously not my files).

I am not sure why a few weeks have passed, but I think I have also deleted - in the destination - all the files created by Syncthing.

In any case, today, in almost all folders the .stfolder folder is replicated several times and the .stfolder.removed folder. Then there is also a .sync folder which I don’t know if it is created by Syncthing.

I know that the .stfolder folder is a marker that must be in every folder. I can imagine that .stfolder.removed is some kind of “trash can” wrong? however the number of these folders seems excessive to me …

Eg. on the NAS, in the “Documents” folder there are 6 versions of the .stfolder: [.stfolder .stfolder (1) .stfolder (2) .stfolder (3) .stfolder (4) .stfolder (5) .stfolder (6)] and 4 versions of the .stfolder.removed-yyyymmdd-hhmmss

These folders do not create any problems, they do not bother me and they can all remain where they are, they can also be all indispensable and therefore they MUST remain where they are, but I would like to understand which ones are actually necessary and which are not, then which ones to keep and which ones to delete.

I could also delete the sync, all the folders mentioned and recreate the sync, but before doing that I would like to make sure I don’t waste any time.

Hello everybody…

Today, on Syncthing for android I deleted the synchronization task of the Documents folder from android device, the synchronization task of the Documents folder from NAS - through the windows version of Syncthing, on the NAS I completely deleted the Documents folder created by the synchronization.

So on Syncthing for android I recreated - from scratch - the synchronization of the documents folder on the android device: after a few minutes I found all the my files, but also 6 copy of “.stfolder”, 5 copy of .stfolder.removed-aaaammdd-hhmmss and the .sync folder

It’s normal? Why all these .stfolder folders?

It appears you’re using multiple programs to synchronise the same folder. I’m no expert, but a quick search reveals that .sync is used by Resilio Sync.

When it comes to Syncthing itself, you can probably safely delete all the redundant copies. The only one that is needed is .stfolder.


Thanks for your answer tomasz86: you made me understand where the mistake was. Or rather: my carelessness.

The keystone was the .sync folder which, as you have rightly suggested, was generated by Resilio. But I have long since uninstalled Resilio. . .

So the question is: why on the NAS has a program folder been transferred that I no longer have?

Because the .sync folder as well as all the .stfolder folders, due to the “dot” are hidden on android, and by going to recreate a new synchronization, I also transferred the hidden folders without realizing it …

Thanks again. :un sorriso: