Last upd, timestamp


each folder has last “Latest Change” that display filename. would be possible to add timestamp for this update. so logically, that and when it was changed.

currently, there is no such info i’m able to find on web interface, without digging in log.


It shows the time as you hover over the text.

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ooo, aaa … Thank you !

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in a folder in “Send Only” mode, " Latest Change" option doesn’t exist. -Possible to correct\add ?

NOTE: Folder “Receive only” have a state:

File Pull Order Newest First

But “send Only” folder , no such info, where in "Advanced settings such option exist, … Wonder if possible to add this info, or make it inactive, or change in advanced setting as not applicable or something that logic would be more clear \ less confused.


Send only does not have “latest change” as it does not accept any changes from remote devices. Send only folders do not pull files (as described in the name, “send only”) so pull order makes no sense.

I think , I confused by meaning …

I assume that “Latest Changes” related to “Watch for Changes” so any changes on local storage reflected. Not really transmission changes.

is it possibly somehow to indicate last changes on actual file storage? it may reflect transmission and local changes, and distinguish it by mouse hovering option ?

And secondly, would be great to see free space on folder status, if possible

No, it’s last change received from remote devices.

right, so it possible to add an option to reflect a local changes, regardless of remote state ?

Everything is possible, someone who cares about this needs to put the time and implement it.