Large repo synced but only tmp files received

Hi All,

I have synced my Pictures folder from Windows laptop to FreeNAS (using plugin). It’s about 32885 items, ~489 GiB and took almost 2 days to complete over 100Mb lan. The problem I face now is that ALL files on the NAS side are named like .syncthing.IMG_4608.psd.tmp :

This is the source:

This is the destination:

There are a lot of Out of Sync Items but no failures.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Akos

Is there anything in the log? It seems it hasn’t finished yet. If you click on out of sync items, you should see progress.

Thanks for your reply. Do you mean that the tmp files are not containing actual data yet?

Just place holders for the files I’m receiving? If the client is not sending them any more where are they stored now?

I don’t think it’s placeholder files. It’s still sending stuff across, the fact that you have temp files means the transfer could have been interrupted, etc, or it’s actually currently working on the temp files.

Also we truncate all files to the right size, so it could look like the files take up space, but they are actually empty.

Wait for it to finish before making conclusions.

I see your point. However the number of out of sync items matches the global state items for almost 2 days. So it’s difficult to see if there is any progress.

The file you see above has been completed by now: freenas# find /mnt/msafe/pictures/Pictures |grep IMG_8433.CR2|xargs -I {} ls -lah ‘{}’
-rwxrwxr-x+ 1 syncthing syncthing 26M Dec 8 01:06 /mnt/msafe/pictures/Pictures/??rs Vez??r t??r/.syncthing.IMG_8433.CR2.tmp -rwxrwxr-x+ 1 syncthing syncthing 25M Dec 7 04:10 /mnt/msafe/pictures/Pictures/Toscana 2013.05/.syncthing.IMG_8433.CR2.tmp

But still has tmp in it’s name and I’m confused about when I should expect my files to be renamed to their original names.

That’s why I am asking whether there is something in the log. The fact that the transfer is showing that it’s downloading to me (as well as the rate being 10MB) implies that something is happening.

You can run with STTRACE=model env var and -audit -verbose command line options to get more debug output which might be more useful

Sorry but I cannot seem to find the logs of syncthing in the FreeNAS jail. Do you happen to know where to find it?

Well it logs to stdout, so check whatever method you used to set it up.

OK I managed to set it up to log into file by adding italics to the command in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/syncthing:

command_args="-f -p ${pidfile} ${procname} -home=${syncthing_dir} -no-browser -logfile="/var/db/syncthing/syncthing.log" -logflags=“19” -verbose ${syncthing_args}"

Now I can see these kind of errors:

[AM4IK] 2015/12/08 02:55:21 rwfolder.go:1363: INFO: Puller: final: chmod /mnt/pictures/Pictures/Béka 2015/.syncthing.IMG_4742.CR2.tmp: operation not permitted


[AM4IK] 2015/12/08 02:54:36 rwfolder.go:685: INFO: Puller (folder “Desktop”, dir “Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended - Cool Release/Adobe CS6/payloads/AdobeCMaps4_x64-mul”): chmod /mnt/pictures/Desktop/Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended - Cool Release/Adobe CS6/payloads/AdobeCMaps4_x64-mul: operation not permitted

If I’m not mistaken the plugin is running as syncthing user adn the folder and file permissions seem to be set properly:

root@syncthing_1:/var/db/syncthing # ll -d '/mnt/pictures/Desktop/Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended - Cool Release/Adobe CS6/payloads/AdobeCMaps4_x64-mul’
drwxrwxr-x+ 2 syncthing syncthing 10 Dec 7 07:03 /mnt/pictures/Desktop/Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended - Cool Release/Adobe CS6/payloads/AdobeCMaps4_x64-mul/
root@syncthing_1:/var/db/syncthing # ll ‘/mnt/pictures/Pictures/Béka 2015/.syncthing.IMG_4742.CR2.tmp’
-rwxrwxr-x+ 1 syncthing syncthing 23053790 Dec 8 02:55 /mnt/pictures/Pictures/Béka 2015/.syncthing.IMG_4742.CR2.tmp*

Why is this chmod necessary and how can I make it succeed?

It seems the solution was to edit permissions of the volume from the GUI and change ACL type from Windows to UNIX.

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I did some googling but it’s not obvious to me what “Windows ACLs” in FreeNAS actually means in practice. However it seems to remove the ability to chmod, which we need unless you check “Ignore Permissions” on the folder.

I think Windows ACL actually means NFSv4 ACLs wheras UNIX means simple “rwx” model.

The question remains if only the chmod step fails and checksums do match why does syncthing download the whole file again?

It doesn’t, it reuses the temp file. But after 24 hours, unused temp files are thrown away. So probably that’s what happened as you say it’s been syncing for a couple of days.

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