Large file transfer without any reason

I noticed that I have a constant connection with syncthing and all my upload speed is consumed but I can not see why. All folders are up to date and I didn’t changed anything in these folders. I also took a look in the logs but I can not see any file transfers. If I take a look in the webgui I can see that there is a file transfer but I can not see which file. If you need the log to analyze it I can send it to you as private message :slight_smile:

normally you can see the transferred files in the gui of the device, who is downloading the file… have you checked both devices?

How large are the folders you are sharing?

On the device with the upload the folders are shown as up to date and I can’t see what ST is transfering. The other device is an Raspberryi Pi which consumes constantly 100% CPU an therefore the gui is very unresponsive. I will have a look and post the results.

6 Folders and all together 70GB