LAN sync, authentication to HTTP proxy and Syncthing updates

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Is there a way to get Syncthing update automatically when then only internet access is a HTTP proxy ?

I am planning to use Syncthing to sync ~60.000 static documents (~8GB of datasheets and pictures) across over 60 laptops used by our sales teams. These devices will sync locally (same subnet) so I disabled global announcing and relaying. Their only access to the internet is available through a HTTP proxy requiring basic authentication (this proxy is not needed by Syncthing to work locally).

The issue : Syncthing doesn’t update automatically. I think I found how to configure Syncthing to use a HTTP proxy (I set the system environment variable all_proxy to http://proxy.domain.local:8080) but I don’t know how to provide credentials required by the HTTP proxy. Should I use the syntax http://user:password@host:port ? (which I don’t like much)

Syncthing Version: v1.3.2 OS Version: Windows 10 1903 (10.0.18362.449)

Yes, that’s the standard notation for providing authentication.

The Custom Upgrade Server setting might be a useful alternative.

Thanks @AudriusButkevicius and @ProactiveServices for your replies :+1:

The custom upgrade server alternative is the more efficient solution as I have many nodes that will download the update.

The main node does not use the HTTP proxy and will be therefore the source of updates for other local nodes.


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