Labtech Integration Backup Solution

I work for a MSP and only currently use this for home backups.

I have a OLD retired server at my work that has around 1TB of drive space. So rather then toss I use it to backup my family’s files. Currently I backup three family members offsite - and I gotta say this is fantastic work.

Now we use Shadow Protect for our backup solution but would love to see something like this take off.

Feature Requests: Shadow Copies, complete image backup. Wonder if I can tie this in with some kind of initial backup of complete system. Was thinking of DISK2VHD with differential backups after that, just no idea how I could. The only way I can see it working is if I mounted the VHD offsite and synced to that mounted drive for any changes.?? Sorry just spinning ideas here.

Final step would be to integrate in to Labtech with a plugin of some sort.

Cheers on development of this