Know which device uploaded/modified/deleted a file


I have a folder shared with multiple devices (each device belongs to a different user). I need to know who created/modified/deleted a file or a folder, I’m wondering if there is any way to do that with Syncthing?


There is a -verbose -audit command line switches which cover what you are after.

Thank you @AudriusButkevicius, that’s helpful! I need to fetch this info from a node app (in real time) running on the same server where the shared folder is. For instance, when a new file/folder is created, the node app (which is watching the directory for changes) saves this new file/folder into a db along with other info. I would like to also store which user last updated/modified a file or folder. Is there any way I can do that without having to parse log files?

I see we have this endpoint on the REST API, which has the "modifiedBy": "523ITIE" field, and I probably can make a GET request for every file change detected from the node app. Would you say that’s the way to go? Although I don’t see a similar endpoint for folders, is there any that I’ve maybe missed?

Ok… I don’t know how I’ve missed that but I’ve just found out there’s an event api which we can subscribe to using long polling, and that covers my use case with the RemoteChangeDetected event! Thanks for the help and apologies for the noise!