Know which device is out of sync


I’m distributing folders from my device to a large number of remote devices. They are to receive files/folders from me only. Any time one of the remote devices adds or changes a file/folder I see that something is out of sync.

This is not enough info for what i’m trying to manage. It would be great if I would be able to see which device actually caused the Out Of Sync so I can then communicate with them and see why they did what they did. This way so if I hit Override Changes I don’t stomp on any files they may have accidentally put into the directory I am sharing with them.

If this already exists, can you point me to where it is?


This doesn’t really exist today. At the point in time when you are looking, you are the one out of sync. The change has already propagated to everyone else who is connected, probably. On any of those, the originating device is probably visible in the “global changes” log. On your device it’s not exposed anywhere at the moment.

If you feel like going for a technical deep dive you can use the REST API to poll the method and get the data. The output should include a modifiedBy field for each entry nowadays, which is the device that originated the change. (Unless it was subsequently modified by someone else, in which case they are listed instead.)