KiB/s speeds when syncing in LAN

Hi there, Syncthing noob here. Just installed ST and getting painfully slow speeds. My use case is a bit particular. I want to use it to sync in my local network at home, where I have a WIFI router but no internet connection. (Basically when I bring the thinkpad I take to work with new files and stuff I download there, and want to sync with my macbook at home)

Not sure where I should look into. I’ve set up static IPs on the router for these two machines (Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP List) and used the IPs on the ST configurations of both machines; tried also dynamic but it didn’t help either.

Presumably the reported connected addresses are the ones you configured?

Are you syncing many small files? Are the devices both of sensible power and with sensible storage underneath? Did you check cpu usage/io utilization?

There are big, medium and small files, from pictures to movies, pdfs, etc. Both are laptops connected to their AC power. SSD drives. The CPUs are running fine. On each device, under Action>Settings>Connections I wrote their Sync Protocol Listen Addresses, in the format: tcp://

I also turned off:

  • Enable NAT traversal
  • Global Discovery
  • Enable Relaying.

Left on Local Discovery(But I guess that’s not the relevant now, since the machines see each other).

I turned off the firewall in the router, just in case, but that didn’t make any difference. The thinkpad is running Debian 10, I have ufw (Incoming and outgoing Allow)

What is the signal strength, on both devices? Is the WiFi router actually decent?

Could you create a network share on one device and try to download something from it using the other computer? What kind of speeds do you get then?

Good signal strength, decent router (Asus RT-N10E). Moving files with Rsync… just flies. When I connect an Android phone, speeds are a bit better around 1Mb

I suspect it may be some configuration issue with any of the laptops, I keep an eye on the Mac, I just don’t know what to configure. One thing I noticed is that in Debian I set up the port of the machine to 22000, but Synthing in macOS reports the address of the Debian at another port,

The port is random for outgoing connections.

I suggest you try with a single large file via rsync and in a empty test folder kn syncthing and see what sort of speeds you can get.

Good advice, I get similar speeds. It seems the bottleneck is in the macbook, but why? The wifi card? Or something else?

Similar speeds like rsync? Is it the same speed both directions? I can only suggest plugging it into an ethernet port to see if it goes away.

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