KeepassXC file not syncing (ios -> QNap nas)

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i am trying to sync my KeepassXC file on my ipad with a file on my QNAP nas. To achieve this i installed Mobius Sync Pro (Syncthing core) on my ipad and i succesfully installed the latest Syncthing qpkg on my nas (QNAP YS-251D).

The IPAD directory is set as SEND and the NAS directory is set as RECEIVE. Both directories are not encrypted. For testing is took an old file (year 2021) and placed it in the NAS directory; the file on the Ipad is from 2024. Both have the exact same name.

At the receiving end (the NAS) the entries of the last sync look like this:

Its log:

2024-03-17 13:18:26 Established secure connection to BCICTHY at
2024-03-17 13:18:26 Device BCICTHY client is "syncthing v1.23.2-41-ga6a9adeeb-i" named "localhost" at

At the sending end it looks like this:

And the latest logs:

The result however is that i see that the file in the NAS directory is not synced. The timestamp (Last changed) is still two years old. The timestamp of the file on my Ipad is 16-3-2024.

What am i doing wrong?

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What does the folder state look like on the NAS if you unfold the folder info? Is the file detected there?

When it comes to the iPad, it doesn’t seem that Syncthing has been able to detect any files in the folder at all. However, please keep in mind that Mobius Sync is a commercial application that has its own support channels, i.e. we don’t support it here. Of course, if the issue is about Syncthing proper, we can still try to work on it.

In this case though, if Mobius Sync can’t detect the file at all, it may likely be something related to iOS-specific permissions, etc. and with this in mind, you should probably ask about the problem on their support channel.

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Thank you. You have gotten me on the right track. It seems, however i paid for the Mobius Pro version where can choose the directory from which you want to sync, it doesnt. It still creates a new directory in the folder of Mobius itself. So it doesnt work what Mobius claims (and i paid for).

That being said. I moved the Strongbox file to that directory and diverted Strongbox itself to that directory (In strongbox: choose the ‘plus’ in the databases screen at startup, and then choose ‘Add existing’ and point it to the subfolder of your choise under the Mobius directory.

I still have to go further with this, but i am typing it now as it is the road i will take.

If possible i will share progress for others that will take this raod in the future.

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