Keep track of folder download progress

(Pigeon1990) #1

I have two instances of syncthing (A and B,A is my MAC osx B is wmware). I wanted to keep track of the DownloadProgress of the folder. I found the DownloadProgress event. I subscribed to it,but can‘t get download progress every 5 seconds. Like 1%… 2%(calculated)

Looking forward to any Suggestions.Thanks

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

Sorry, I am not sure what you are not able to do.

(David) #3

Could you post the code snippet that’s not working?

(Pigeon1990) #4

I’m using -verbose option.When two instances transmit a file (about 20G), DownloadProgress prints only twice.I think it’s probably because the A instance is a docker container.Let me do more tests to verify this.

(Audrius Butkevicius) #5

It prints every N seconds if something has changed, so perhaps its not making progress.