Keep running into out of sync items

Again, out of sync items. This is becoming a bit frustrating.

Have an image folder setup to Send & Receive between Android and 2 macs. Removed a few items on macOS which apparently corrupted sync and now I am stuck with OutOfSync items and no clear path to resolve this.

Shouldn’t deleting a picture on macOS work fine and just sync that change over to android? The 0 B picture entries Syncthing is complaining about are the pictures I deleted on that mac. :thinking:

Any ideas?

The Camera folder on Android is set to “Send Only” by default. Please check whether that is the case here as well. If yes, then you need to change it to “Send & Receive” in order to accept changes.

Thanks for the quick response. I open Web GUI on Android > Edit Folder > Advanced > Folder Type is Send & Receive. This is the DCIM folder (I have trouble with other folders as well) but let’s focus on this one first.

Is “Ignore Permissions” enabled and has Syncthing been granted permission to write to the DCIM folder on the Android side?

Ignore Permissions is enabled. How can I find out whether write permission has been granted?

You didn’t mention any details about your Android device or which version of Syncthing you’re using so you’ll need to Google how to access the app permissions for it.

The exact steps and available options depend on the version of Android, and to a lesser extent, the phone manufacturer if it likes to customize the UI.

For reference, here’s a screenshot from my phone running Android 11 (Android One Edition):

If it’s stock, or close to stock Android 9 and above there should be an “Apps & notifications” section under the Android settings.

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  • PixelOS 13.0-20230221
  • Syncthing-Android 1.23.4

Long press app icon > App Info > Permissions. Photos and videos was not allowed. I allowed it and now see (Not allowed shows: No permissions denied):

Another re-scan and the Out of Sync issues were resolved. Could not find the option to mark an answer as Solution on this forum.

Thank you so much @gadget for helping me out.

Finding the android (or pixelOS) UI for access permissions slightly confusing splitting up file access into Music and audio and Photos and videos. Is there another permission for the rest of the files and if yes, why isn’t it showing for me? But that is nothing Syncthing can do anything about.

Had one remaining Out of Sync issues in the music folder for file .thumbnails/.database_uuid which I resolved by deleting that file on Android.

I am back to working state and no Out of Sync issues.

Thanks again for the quick help and getting my setup back to green.

Ah… based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project), so the foundation is the same as the commercial version of Android.

Each generation of Android has offered ever more granular permissions. The downside is that there are more settings to manage.

The developer’s page “Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 13 or higher” ( might be of interest.

Android makes use of SELinux as part of its security system. In SELinux, each file is labeled with a security context, so files named music.mp3 and photo.jpg could be assigned different access permissions.

It provides the option to grant a music player permission to access only music/audio files and not photos/videos, while at the same time a multimedia player such as VLC could be granted access to both audio and video files.

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