Keep losing .stfolders on Android

I have used Syncthing with success for about four weeks. Then things changed. Three times in the last two weeks my .stfolders have disappeared from 7 out of 8 folders that I sync. I recreate the folders and then syncing resumes normally. But three or so days later the .stfolders disappear once more. The only folder where this does not happen is the DCIM folder.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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The first thing that came to mind is a cleaning utility/app removed empty directories.


Thanks. That is a good point. I will test it out and report back.

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Yes, you are right. A cleaning utility was deleting the .stfolder. Good catch! I fixed the problem by writing a dummy text file in the .stfolder.

Thanks for your help.


@pdosmith did you workaround this issue? My Android keeps cleaning out the marker folder and it is just a pain. I can re-create mine, but plain users can not.

What version are you on? This shouldn’t happen anymore since 1.5.0 (

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I see, I have 1.3.0, but it is an android app, doesn’t it auto-update?

It is strange, I have auto-update enabled… yet it is offering to update syncthing…

That’s something you need to ask google, F-Droid or whoever, but personal experience says the description for “automatic-updates” on google play should be something like “if we don’t forget and feel like updating, we might do it - but you better check manually every now and then if you want to be sure”.

I tried updating manually, and it did not update it… at first try. Looks like wont update while running in background. I disabled synchronization, which I asked syncthing to respect and then I could update. The update and the daemon functionality might be conflicting somehow.

I tried to clean, and my marker folders are still there. so that is good!

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